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Crafty Tool Box

crafty tool box craft storage

You may have already read the piece that Chris has written about the Crafty Tool Box,

well I just wanted to add to that with a more practical demonstration of how useful this box is for us crafters! One of the main reasons this works so well is that the dividers are actually moulded into the base which effectively makes it a one piece tray once you remove the lid. 

I have found that as an alternative use, having this in the bottom of your desk draw is very handy for keeping the small stationery bits and bobs in order.Because the dividers are moulded in, they are much more sturdy than some of the other craft tool boxes out there where you can reposition slot in dividers. The other problem with slot in dividers is that small items can get under the dividers and get mixed up. This can’t happen with the Crafty Tool Box which makes it great for storing small items like beads, gems and brads.

I’ve posted a pic of one of my Crafty Tool Boxes loaded up with some of my supplies. You’ll see that the long partition is perfect for the larger items like scissors or paint brushes, whilst the smaller ones are perfect for anything from sequins to mica powders and paints.This box is more sturdy and rigid than our regular A4 box, with a top which come down almost all the way over the base.

As an added bonus these boxes do of course fit in the Multi Box Storage Unit when its configured for the A4 Boxes enabling you to easily store multiple Crafty Tool Boxes.

So there we go! They’re available now from our online store, and of course if you are a trade customer, drop us an email and we’ll be happy to send you details of all of our trade price quantity breaks. Also if you are a crafter like me then post a pic up here of what you are using the box for. I would be very interested to see what ideas other people have for filling this box!

Many thanks.


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