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Q. Do you make bespoke boxes?

A. Our boxes are injection moulded - a process where molten plastic is injected into a mould to create the product. This process requires a mould to be produced before any products can be manufactured. A typical mould will cost around £10k. So the answer is generally 'no we cant make a bespoke box to your dimensions', BUT, if you require a large volume of boxes and are happy to put up the cost of a tool then the answer is YES we can produce an injection mould tool for you and also manufacture your product. Read more about our plastic injection moulding services at


Q. Can I pay in Euros?

A. Not at this time. We currently process all payments in UK£. Using the currency selector (located on the product pages of the website) you can toggle between Euro prices and UK£ prices. When you reach the checkout the site will automatically switch your transaction to UK£ to process your order.

Q. Why was I asked to enter a password at the end of my web transaction?

A. The first time you place an order online, you enter your billing and shipping details. You are able to save these details into our system by entering a password at the end of your transaction. We do not hold a record of your card details. This means you can recall your billing/shipping details, plus the details of any past transactions online by simply logging in using your email address and the password you chose.

Q. How do I qualify for trade prices?

A. If you buy 'trade' quantities of our boxes, you get 'trade' prices. Any customer can access these prices. You can download our full trade price list here. We do not display the full trade price structure on our website because customers purchasing large volumes of product are offered a credit account, where we accept payment on 30 day terms. Find out more about becoming a credit account customer below.


Q. How do I open a credit account

A. Email with the details of the product that you would like to order and your full company details including shipping address if different to invoice address. We will run a credit check and on approval offer you a credit account. Please note we only offer credit accounts to customers buying 'trade' quantities of product.

Q. I have previously ordered online, does that mean I have a credit account?

A. No. We have two ordering systems, one is our e-commerce website, the other is our database of credit account customers who order over the phone or via direct email. The website always requires an upfront payment. See above for details on becoming a credit account customer.


Q. I have not received my order

A. We will always contact you to alert you of any delay in the turnaround of your order, so if you have not heard from us and have not received your boxes after a few days, please email us.

Q. My Boxes arrived broken what should I do?

A. Email a photo to letting us know - we will always replace or refund the value of any boxes broken in transit.

Q. Do you ship to my country?

A. Our website currently only calculates shipping charges to the UK. If you live in another country please email us at with the details of what product you require in what quantity and your shipping address. We will then get a shipping quote for you. We can ship anywhere in the world but please note: WE DO NOT ACCEPT ANY LIABILITY FOR PRODUCT DAMAGED DURING INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING.