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SRA3 Paper Storage Boxes - Sandra's Craft BlogHi to you all!

Im going to talk about our newest product in this post, the huge SRA3 paper storage box!

Although the SRA3 boxes were introduced after demands from the print trade, I must say, as a crafter, that I have really taken to them. This box is more than twice the size in length and width of the A4 box (its 460 x 330mm internally), but still the same depth at 55mm. It is also really sturdy, therefore stacking well with the other boxes especially the A4.

I have at home some A3 cardstock and paper which I can now keep in these boxes. Until recently I kept the card in the packets it was packed in, which kept it clean but didn’t protect the edges. When making large cards and box envelopes, I find A3 card invaluable.
I also have a number of scoreboards which are over A4 size and these stack really well in the SRA3 box. I have the Crafters Companion Envelobox Board and Boxer Board which I now keep in an SRA3 box with the thicker card which I use for making boxes. I think its great being able to keep these things together, stored in one box ready for when I need them.

The SRA3 boxes are even big enough to keep my paper trimmer in and the plates for the diecutting / embossing machines that are out there. I bought a Craftrobo lite last year and the carrier sheets fit into my SRA3 box. As the carrier sheets need to be kept free of dust so that the card will stick to them, the SRA3 solved this problem of where to store them when not in use. I now have one of the SRA3 with the carrier sheets, replacement blades and all the pens etc for the Craftrobo all together and dust free. I would really love the new E-Craft cutter, like the Craftrobo lite but a lot better; but they are somewhat above my budget at the moment (I can but dream!). Birthday coming up soon, so maybe I can bend an arm or three!

The SRA3 boxes are available online from – try one! If you’re looking for a large heavyweight A3 size storage box, you won’t be disappointed.

Bye for now!


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