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Craft Storage Boxes

 sandras craft blog for weston boxesAnother month has passed and I am back again with more news on our range of craft boxes.

As you may or may not know, Weston Boxes now have a new new craft box, the “Crafty Tool Box”. We’ve been working really hard over the last month on completing the mould so that we can make our fabulous new box available for you by April. Hopefully this should be in production within the next 2-3 weeks. I can’t wait to get my hands on a couple; or more if I speak nicely to the boss.

I have already started going through my bits and pieces at home with the anticipated arrival of these boxes. I also have a “Multi-box storage unit” set aside to put them into. This way I will know exactly where to find all those small items which up until now seem to get lost amongst everything else. Is it me or do you find that nothing ever seems to get put back where you originally intended.

The other day I was making a card for my daughter-in-law which required some small gemstones, which I knew I had; but for the life of me I just could not think where I had put them. I had only bought them a couple of weeks previously so I should have remembered. I know don’t tell me “its age creeping up on me”. Anyway after much searching I found them in a box with my Glue gel which I had used at the same time I had the gems. Now I will be able to dedicate a “Crafty Tool Box” to my gemstones and small embellishments; put a label on it and never have to hunt for them again. Or that’s my plan and I hope to stick to it.

I have recently bought a bowmaker so I am considering making up a batch of small bows in various colours and store them in one of the craft boxes and that way I don’t need to search around for the ribbon and bowmaker each time. Another thing you could use them for is Flowersoft. I think the sections will be great for this. It will allow the Flowersoft room to expand and loosen up. The other longer sections great for the wires, glue and tools you need. Again everything you need for a particular job all together. Great!

As for you jewellery makers out there this box is a “must have” for all those precious beads and findings, tools etc. You won’t know how you managed before without this great versatile addition to your craftroom.

Be back soon with more craft news and gossip.

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