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Large Letter Box, TOUGH

Large Letter Box, TOUGH


Impact-resistant packaging box for 200 business cards.

This smart little box holds 200 standard-sized business cards in 4 sets of 50 ensuring a tidy, compact packaging solution. The simple two part design - the lid slides over the base - means there are no breakable catches or hinges.

This PostProof box is impact resistant so that business cards are totally protected while in transit, ensuring that your customer receives their cards in pristine condition. Unlike our storage boxes, our PostProof range is manufactured in opaque white so the contents cannot be seen. Use this box instead of a padded envelope - simply tape the box closed and post without any additional outer packaging. Ideal for printers shipping business cards to customers.

Ships via Royal Mail as a 'Large Letter' so long as the box and contents do not weigh more than 750g.

  • External Dimensions - 252 x 114 x 24mm
  • Internal Dimensions - 248 x 107 x 22mm
  • Weight - 83g
  • Colour - Opaque White
  • Capacity - 200 business cards
  • Material - Polypropylene
  • Origin - UK Manufactured

Large Letter Box Prices In £GBP

Pack of Unit Pack UK Shipping
1 Box £3.66 £4.39 FREE UK SHIPPING
5 Boxes £1.67 £9.99 FREE UK SHIPPING
10 Boxes £1.17 £13.99 FREE UK SHIPPING
84 Boxes £0.42 £42.34 £9.00
84+ Boxes Email us ----- -----

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