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Stackable Staks For A4 Storage Boxes

Stackable Staks For A4 Storage Boxes

Have you got piles of boxes in your craftroom? If you are moving piles of boxes everytime you need to access that box on the bottom of the pile then we are here to change your world. We have a stacking unit for these boxes. There is no reason to struggle anymore! 

What's A Stak

The Box Stak is a simple frame which assembles to hold 5 A4 boxes, each on its own shelf so that it can be retrieved from the unit without affecting the other boxes. Here's a shot of my own A4 Box Staks helping to organise some of my families bits and bobs! In fact we have outgrown the Staks and there is an extra box on top of the Staks in this picture. More Staks required!

WestonBoxes Box Staks

Top 5: Things to Store In An A4 Box Stak That Aren't A4 Paper

5. Tools, 

4. Pens & Pencils

3. Paints, brushes 

2. Household documents

1. Sewing supplies, material, 

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