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Marble Art Originals & WestonBoxes

Marble Art Originals & WestonBoxes

Marbling is an ancient decorative craft which still has appeal for all ages and is both enjoyable and rewarding as a hobby. The technique involves 'dropping' paint onto a water solution - the water is thickened with 'floater powder' which makes the paint sit on the water surface. You can then lay a sheet of paper or other material on the surface of the water and the floating paint will adhere to it in the exact pattern that has formed on the surface of the water solution. 
One of our customers 'Marble Art Originals' sell all the kit you need to get started with applying marbled paint to paper, fabric or 3D objects. The 'Marbling 4 Fun' starter kit is available online here. The kit just happens to be packed into a TOUGH A6 Westons Storage Box. Brilliant! 
Marble Arts Originals - WestonBoxes Marbling Kit
Take a look at the Marble Art Originals website where you will see amazing examples of marbled work and several videos showing tips and techniques from Craig the marbling expert. He even shows you how to marble your own greeting card! 
Perfect for Christmas!
Marbled Paper
If you package your product or generally do something weird and interesting with our boxes let us know!
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