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  • WestonBoxes & @stichyloulou

    WestonBoxes & @stichyloulou

    Thanks @stitchyloulou for sharing the pic of your beads, bezels and bails neatly labelled and stored in a green 14 Box CraftPack. Looking good!👀👍Posted @withregram • @stitchyloulou What’s in my Weston Box?? Oodles of beads and bezels and bails...#westonboxes #crafts #craftstorage #beads #buttons #charms #jewellery  #craftstorageboxes #smallstorageboxes #hobbyboxes #craftorganization  #craftorganisation #craftorganisationhacks #craftorganizationideas  #madeinbritain🇬🇧

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  • WestonBoxes & @mrwoodsfossils

    WestonBoxes & @mrwoodsfossils

    Thanks to @mrwoodsfossils for sharing this brilliant pic of a Spinosaurus tooth, around 96 million years old, from near Taouz in Morocco safely packaged in a WestonBoxes TOUGH Business Card Box.🏆 We think this is the best thing we’ve ever seen packaged...

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  • WestonBoxes 50% OFF Storage Box 2nds

    WestonBoxes 50% OFF Storage Box 2nds

    👀✨HALF PRICE storage box 2nds available @ NOW!✨ They don’t all look like this A4 Slim box, but some of them do! Check the individual pack images before you buy and call us if you’re not sure.😎🤙Limited stock available!...

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  • @thedailyartscorner & WestonBoxes

    @thedailyartscorner & WestonBoxes

    👀Thanks @thedailyartscorner for posting these great pics of your super organised pens and other crafty supplies. Good to see the Peel Off Boxes being used this way! Thanks for sharing! 👍😀 .Posted @withregram • @thedailyartscorner I received a new @weston_boxes order last week and after hours of sorting...

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  • @scrapdolly & WestonBoxes

    @scrapdolly & WestonBoxes

    weston_boxes Thanks Karen aka Scrapdolly for sharing this pic of your perfectly labelled and organised 12x12 scrapbook paper and card. IMPRESSIVE! 🏆🤩👏Karen has eleven 12x12 Boxes in each compartment of her IKEA Kallax. 88 Boxes in total!!!Check out Karen’s Scrapdolly...

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  • @demontes & WestonBoxes

    @demontes & WestonBoxes

    weston_boxes 👀 Check out @demontes on Instagram. She has an amazing collection of really cool vintage and rare Lego which we love… and yep, it gets stored in… WESTONBOXES! 🇬🇧👏🤩Posted @withregram • @demontes Everything for LEGO set 309 Church from the late 1950s, except the Pine...

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  • westonboxes a4 storage boxes in a craftroom by @unhurriedlearning

    @unhurriedlearning & WestonBoxes

      weston_boxes 👀Thanks @unhurriedlearning for posting these awesome pix of your A4 Boxes labelled, organised and full of home learning resources. Great stuff! 👍😎👏Posted @withregram • @unhurriedlearning Topic boxes.These stacks of A4 boxes are probably the most helpful element of organising our home learning resources. A...

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  • westonboxes box staks craftroom storage ideas from @pumpkinladyiscrafting

    @pumpkinladyiscrafting & WestonBoxes

    weston_boxes Thanks @pumpkinladyiscrafting for sharing this pic of your fully loaded Box Staks! Good to see all 3 sizes A4, A5 and Pen & Pencil Box Staks being put to good use! 🤩👏Posted @withregram • @pumpkinladyiscrafting I’ve been sorting my craft stash !! This isn’t the...

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  • westonboxes a4 slim paper storage boxes pic by labelled with cricut labels & WestonBoxes

    Check out these A4 Slim boxes with super neat labelling by using Cricut labels. We like this!!! 👍. Thanks for posting the pic!Posted @withregram • Sadly satisfying#cricutlabels #vinylstorage #storagesolutions #westonboxes

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  • pinsandneedles_club sewing kit packed in a westonboxes a4 storage box

    @pinsandneedles_club Sewing Kit & WestonBoxes

    weston_boxes 👀Great pic from @pinsandneedles_club of their awesome sewing kit boxes. Everything neatly packed in an A4 Box.👍Thanks for sharing guys, hope the half term workshops have been a success!.Posted @withregram • @pinsandneedles_club Packing up lots of kit boxes to deliver in time for next week’s...

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  • pinsandneedles_club orange crab sewing kit packed in a westonboxes a4 storage box

    @pinsandneedles_club Crab Sewing Kit & WestonBoxes

    weston_boxes Great to see our A4 Box as part of these fun sewing kits from @vanaragsstudio. They look awesome! Thanks for posting guys! 😀Posted @withregram • @vanaragsstudio Tomorrow starts a fortnight of our Summer ☀️ Sewing 🧵 Workshops and we can’t wait!!! 😊We’ve put in...

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  • pinsandneedles_club mushroom sewing kit packed in a westonboxes a4 storage box

    @pinsandneedles_club Mushroom Sewing Kit & WestonBoxes

    pinsandneedles_club Packing up kit boxes for our sewing clubs with these cute little fun guys (get it?!) 😂We love that they fit perfectly in these brilliant @weston_boxes and still leave space for the scissors ✂️ needle 🪡 pins 📍 and thread! 🧵#sewing #pinsandneedles #imadethis #afterschoolclubs

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