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Orthodontic / Dental / Medical Storage Box DL/D2 Size

Original price €15,95 - Original price €114,95
Original price
€15,95 - €114,95
Current price €15,95
Colour: Clear / Transparent
Pack Size: 5 Boxes

Clear (transparent) or white (opaque / not transparent) plastic storage box ideal for ortho dental casts or other medical supplies. Perfect for keeping important medical items clean, covered and contamination free. The simple two part design – base and lid – has no breakable catches or hinges. The lid simply slides over the base and does not form an air tight seal. It's easy to wipe clean or can be put through a sterilising machine and can be used and reused many times. These boxes are not supplied sterile.

Product Details

External Size: 231 x 121 x 57mm

Internal Size: 226 x 116 x 55mm

Weight: 116g

Capacity: -

Material: PP5 Polypropylene [Recyclable]

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