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Craft Storage Ideas

 sandras craft blog on craft storageHi, Sandra here again! Lots of craft storage ideas from Westons this month!

Our new Crafty Tool Box is almost ready for release. The box is A4 in size and 55mm deep manufactured in clear plastic. It has dividers moulded into the base which makes it the perfect storage item for any crafter who has small parts, embellishments or beads to organise.

The pre-order launch of the crafty tool box has prompted me to get back to thinking about my idea for producing a plastic moulded crafty cutting template which would allow me to cut scalloped and fancy edges on the greetings cards I make. Other than buying punches, which can be rather expensive; I cannot find a way of doing this unless I buy ready bought Card blanks.

I just need to convince the boss that it would be something we could sell enough of to warrant the cost of tooling. It wouldn’t be the first product of this kind that we have produced, in 2009 we moulded the Groovy Board and Bone Folder for Elusive Images, a product which I personally found quite useful – although it didn’t cut or score scallops which is what I really wanted! If you like the idea of my scalloped edge cutter / scorer, or not! as the case may be, I would really like to know! If I get no response I’ll have to accept it might well be a silly idea that only I would think useful!

It would be very interesting to hear your opinions – or if you have any of your own ideas for crafty products. Be back soon, hopefully with some of your ideas and suggestions to inspire me!

See ya!

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