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SRA3 Paper Storage Boxes

 sandra the crafter at weston boxes

Hi all, Sandra here with my second craft blog post for WestonBoxes, today im going to look at our new SRA3 Boxes.

So we are well into the start of another year and yes we have lots of new projects on the go, one of which is the new SRA3 boxes. I can’t wait to get my hands on one or two of these. I know that this size box will have so many uses. They will be the same depth as the A4 boxes – we think that 55mm is about right (you can get a full ream of paper in there). Once i’ve got them i’ll have somewhere to keep my precious A3 card (which is not cheap) nice and pristine. I hope that we will do SRA3 boxes in colours as I think they would look great. What do you think? Do you have a colour preference? We would appreciate any feedback regarding the colours we offer.

We now have a bigger range of colour craft storage packs. I think the purple and pink look really good together. A number of you have ordered this combination with some of the other size boxes so I guess you like these too! Do please let us know if you have any ideas for uses for the boxes or if there is a product or thing you have but don’t have a box to keep it in, maybe we can help! Breaking News: The Multi-box Storage Units have arrived! And now we are frantically trying to get these out as quickly as possible as some of you have been waiting some considerable time. We would like to say thanks to all who pre-ordered these and also for your patience over the last few months.

Finally, one of our staff members ’Sue’ left us in December to retire to the country (lucky girl). She worked with us for nearly 4 years.I took it upon myself to have a go at making Sue a leaving card and decided on a large easel card using my “Thomas Kincade” CD’s by Joanne Sheen. What a fantastic set! I have been a fan of the artist for sometime and have purchased a couple of the jigsaws from Hobbycraft. I also have quite a few other Craft CD’s which I use often. I sometimes print off the sheets I need for a couple of future projects, cut out the elements and store them in one of my A4 boxes ready to assemble. Here’s the finished card!

sandras cardmaking skills 


So that’s all for the moment, keep sending me your comments and I will respond to all.

Bye for now!


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