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WestonBoxes clear plastic poster tubes

Roll Up, Roll Up! Transport Posters Up To A0 Size

We have a range of clear plastic poster tubes which are ideal for storing papers, artwork or documents. The tubes offer a simple way to transport or store drawings, documents or prints especially large format items such as A0 or A1 which require a lot of space if stored flat or in a folder.

Consisting of a simple two part 50/50 split design which unscrews allowing easy access to the tube contents. We have a tube for each of the paper sizes A0, A1, A2, A3 and A4.

The tubes have:

  • Modern attractive design.
  • Lightweight but protective
  • Easy to open or close
  • Contents always visible
  • 50/50 split enables content to be removed easily without damage
  • Water resistant polypropylene
  • Reuseable and recyclable

A0 Size Poster Tube
  • Internal Length - 880mm
  • Diameter - 65mm

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A1 Size Poster Tube
  • Internal Length - 615mm
  • Diameter - 65mm

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A2 Size Poster Tube
  • Internal Length - 436mm
  • Diameter - 65mm

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A3 Size Poster Tube
  • Internal Length - 318mm
  • Diameter - 55mm

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A4 Size Poster Tube
  • Internal Length - 220mm
  • Diameter - 45mm

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