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random business card boxes to hold 250 business cards

Deep Business Card Box Random Colour

£25.50 £78.00

Limited edition random colour deep plastic business card box.

When you buy Random Colour Boxes you will get either:

Colour Transition Boxes - These boxes occur when we change colour during a manufacturing run. Every box moulded during a colour transition will be a slightly different mix of two colours (as per the boxes pictured above).

Opaque Colour Boxes - Over-runs from large volume colour orders. These may be colours that we do not offer as standard and they may also be opaque rather than translucent.

  • External Dimensions - 100 x 66 x 72mm
  • Internal Dimensions - 95 x 60 x 70mm
  • Weight - 37g
  • Colour - Random Colours
  • Capacity - 250 Business Cards
  • Detail - Lightweight Yet Strong
  • Environmental - Recyclable / Reusable PP5 Polypropylene
  • Origin - UK Manufactured

Random Colour Deep Business Card Box Prices In £GBP

Pack of Unit Pack Shipping
125 Boxes 17p £25.50 £7.99
250 Boxes 13p £39.00 £7.99

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