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2nds | Large Letter Box (84-pack)

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  • External Dimensions - 252 x 114 x 24mm
  • Internal Dimensions - 248 x 107 x 22mm
  • Weight - 83g
  • Colour - Opaque White
  • Capacity - 200 business cards
  • Material - PP5 Polypropylene [Recyclable]

Impact-resistant packaging box for 200 business cards. When you buy 2nds you will get a mixture of, or a full pack of:

  • Colour, clear or white boxes overrun from a large order
  • Colour transition boxes - produced as one colour changes to another during a production run
  • Boxes with contamination - like specs or swirls
  • Boxes with scuffs scratches or warpage.

Every box contains a different mix of the above but the boxes will always be full mouldings fit for purpose.

If you have any questions please ask before you buy!

Ships via Royal Mail as a 'Large Letter' so long as the box and contents do not weigh more than 750g.

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