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Colour A4 Storage Box

Colour A4 Storage Box 2nds

£21.00 £74.40

Colour plastic storage box for A4 paper and print media.

Universally useful, this bestselling A4 storage box is ideal for storing everything from important documents to tools, textiles or arts and crafts supplies. This versatile box has proven useful in offices, classrooms, workshops and craft rooms.
 Five of these boxes fit in the A4 Box Stak

These boxes are 2nds which means they may have colour defects (swirls or specks) or may be slightly scuffed or scratched. 2nds are good mouldings with superficial imperfections.

  • External Dimensions - 312 x 225 x 57mm
  • Internal Dimensions - 304 x 216 x 55mm
  • Weight - 255g
  • Colour - Translucent Colours
  • Capacity - A Ream Of A4 Paper
  • Environmental - Recyclable / Reusable
  • Origin - UK Manufactured

Colour A4 Storage Box Prices In £GBP

Pack of Unit Pack Shipping
20 Boxes £0.875 £21.00 £7.99
40 Boxes £0.775 £37.20 £7.99

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