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Storage Boxes UK

Weston Boxes provides a range of good value Storage Boxes UK. From the SRA3 down to the Embellishment box, we can help you with your storage needs. We've sold over 50 million boxes in our range and are confident that we have the storage solution that you need. Below is a list of our Storage boxes UK:

       SRA3                           A4                               A5                               A6                Comp Slip/DL      Scrapbooking

Storage Boxes UKStorage Boxes UKStorage Boxes UKStorage Boxes UKStorage Boxes UKStorage Boxes UK  

       BCB                           DDBCB                   Peel Off                Playing Card            CraftPacks      Crafty Tool Box

Storage Boxes UKStorage Boxes UKStorage Boxes UKStorage Boxes UKStorage Boxes UKStorage Boxes UK   

As you can see we offer a wide range of storage boxes, if you click on any of the pictures it will take you to the relevant product page where you can find more information and pricing for each product. Although our Storage Boxes UK were originally designed for paper storage we've discovered that they have a wide range of uses. Lots of our customers use them for storing a number of different craft items, from paints and inks to glitter and cutting tools. They are durable and splash proof and also stack well. We even offer a Home Office Storage Unit to help Stack the boxes. 

We also offer them in a variety of colours so that you can personalise your purchase. If you want any information about our products please visit our contact page.  

About Weston Boxes

Weston boxes is a Brand Created by S.B.Weston Ltd. , a plastic injection moulding business offering a design and production service to clients. We also design, manufacture and distribute our own products. Our WestonBoxes have now sold over 50 million units. WestonBoxes now supplies even more Storage Boxes UK, specifically for printers, artists and crafters. Our new range of plastic poster tubes from A0 paper size down to A4 paper size, are perfect for storing large format prints or drawings. We also have a range of flat packing boxes suitable for many home office storage applications such as the Multi-Box Storage Unit.
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