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WestonBoxes Stackable Storage For Craftrooms, Classrooms, Workshops, Studios

Stackable Storage For Craftrooms, Classrooms, Workshops, Studios...

Are your WestonBoxes stacking up? Are you lifting and shifting piles of boxes every time you need to access your creative supplies? Are the things you need always in the box on the bottom of the pile?!

If so, here's a stackable storage solution!

WestonBoxes Storage Box Staks Modular storage units craftroom classroom

What's A Stak?

A WestonBoxes Box Stak is a strong, snap fit, stackable plastic frame which assembles to hold 5 storage boxes. They're available for 3 sizes of WestonBoxes:

Each box in a Stak sits on a shelf so it can be retrieved from or returned to the Stak without affecting the other boxes.

This is important! It means you can have stacks of boxes (in a Stak!) and access any box without having to lift anything! The problem of shifting heavy storage boxes everytime you want access to your creative supplies is solved!

What's In A Stak Pack?

Box Staks are supplied including storage boxes, box handles and a brace (A4 Stak only). Each is a complete craft storage solution!

Here's a shot of my own A4 Box Staks organising my families bits and bobs! In fact we have outgrown them! As you can see, there is an extra box on top of each of the Staks in this picture. More Staks required!

WestonBoxes Box Staks

Boxes Not Drawers

Apart from ease of access, one of the other key benifits of storing items in a Box Stak is that you can easily remove a box and transport it without the contents spilling or getting damaged. Compare that to storage drawers, or trays and its easy to see the benifit of storing your items in boxes with lids.

Stack A Stak!

As the name suggest, Staks stack on top of each other. An A4 Stak will sit securely on another A4 Stak or alternatively you can sit an A5 and a DL Stak together on top of an A4 Stak.

We offer this set of one of each Stak size A4/A5 & DL as a 3 Stak Pack

We recommend stacking 2-3 Staks high as a limit, unless you have them against a wall or are able to secure them some other way. We've seen pics on Instagram of craftrooms where Staks are stacked floor to ceiling! Crazy stuff!

Brace Yourself!

If you load up an A4 Stak full of paper or other heavy items, you'll need to use the Stak brace. This simple plastic strap clips to the front of the A4 Stak and gives it super strength! We recomend using the A4 Stak brace at all times but especially if you are loading your stak with heavy items. You only need 1 brace to fully support the Stak. Box Stak Braces are included with all A4 Staks or can be bought seperately from our website.

Other Stak Packs

As well as the 3 Stak Pack, we also offer a 2 Stak Pack (A5 and DL). These 2 Stak units - the A5 Box Stak and the Pen & Pencil Box Stak (DL) fit snugly side-by-side in an IKEA Kallax storage unit.

We also offer Stak frames without boxes for those of you who already have large collections of WestonBoxes. These packs contain the box handles and brace (A4 only). The Stak frames are supplied flat-paked and do require assembly. Don't worry, its simple! No tools are required, all parts snap fit together, and the Stak can't actually be assembled incorrectly because of the smart design. If you do need them, assembly instructions are included in the pack.

Label Your Boxes

Its a great idea to identify the contents of your boxes in a Stak. Our customers are creative types and lots of them have posted their ideas for bespoke labelling on our Instagram profile here. If you have access to a label maker, or as we did, in our house, a roll of gaffer tape and a marker pen, then you can easily get labelling. Now you don't have to pull every box out of the Stak until you find the thing you're looking for.

Wash, Clean, Reuse and Recycle

As per all WestonBoxes, Staks are made from Polypropylene which is a recyclable plastic material. We encourage you to look after your boxes, to clean and re-use them, and if you no longer need them then yes they can be recycled.

Top 5: Things That Fit In An A4 Box Stak That Aren't A4 Paper

5. Tools, 

4. Pens & Pencils

3. Paints, brushes 

2. Household documents

1. Sewing supplies, material, 

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