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WestonBoxes Pen & Pencil Storage Boxes

The Perfect Storage Box For Stationery?

Stationery. The pens, pencils, rulers, erasers that surround us. We all use it. Some of us are a bit obsessive about it. Some of us collect it and can't bear to part with it even if its a pen that doesn't really work or a rubber that just smudges. So, the question is, Where to keep this stuff? What's the best way to organise it? Is it piling up in your desk drawer? in your cutlery draw? Is your kids toybox full of leaky felt tips? Allow us to suggest a stationery storage solution.

A Simple Stationery Storage Solution

The WestonBoxes Pen & Pencil Box is a simple plastic storage box consisting of a base and a lid which slide together. No clips, No catches, nothing to get broken off or lost. Its simple! Kids can use it, so can grown ups! Its perfect for storage of all sorts of things, not least pens, pencils and generally, stationery. 

WestonBoxes Pen & Pencil Storage Box For Stationery Neon Colours

What Fits In The Box?

This box will hold a lot. I recently bought a large selection pack of Sharpie pens - about 40 in total and they all fit in this box. I do a bit of drawing and painting and I keep most of my supplies in this box. It's great because the lid is secure. It doesn't clip on but it won't easily come off because its quite deep. This means that even if the box gets knocked off a desk, the lid will stay on and the contents won't get spilled everywhere so its easy to transport without a major spillage occouring. In case you need them, here are the box dimensions:

  • External Dimensions - L 231 x W 121 x H 57mm
  • Internal Dimensions - L 226 x W 116 x H 55mm

WestonBoxes Pen And Pencil Storage Box With Sharpies

Ideal For Kids Creative Supplies

My son acquires new coloured pens, crayons, pencils paints etc regularly. We used to keep everything in a large metal Quality Street tin which worked pretty well as a giant pen box except it became very heavy as it filled up with pens.

It seemed like the easiest way for my son find the pen or crayon that he was after was to tip ALL of the pens on to the floor. So, we upgraded to a Pen & Pencil Box Stak. Phew! Now we have all of his creative supplies pretty much organised and segregated. 

Felt tip pens in one box, coloured pencils in another, crayons in a third box. This makes it way easier for him to find the right felt tip or whatever he may be looking for and in theory means the pens do not need to be emptied out all over the floor. This may sound trivial but when you're picking the same pens up off the floor for the third time in a day, you start looking for a better way.

Opaque or Transparent Boxes?

Pen & Pencil Boxes are available in Opaque or Transparent colours. Just to clarify, excuse the pun, opaque means you can not see through the boxes, transparent means you can see through the boxes. Is that clear? Great!

Weston Boxes Pen And Pencil Storage Box Opaque Or Transparent Colours

Wash & Clean Them, Reuse & Recycle Them!

Do you need to keep items organised and hygienic. In the 'new normal' that Covid-19 has left us items like the Pen and Pencil Box are widely used by organisations such as businesses and schools to maintain hygiene levels where people share equipment or workspaces. You can store items like pens pencils and keep germs off and the contents protected. The boxes are not sterile or air tight but they are hygienic and can be washed and reused over and over.

We care about the environment and do everything we can to minimise waste here at S.B.Weston Ltd where we manufacture WestonBoxes. All WestonBoxes are all made from recyclable Polypropylene so please make sure you recycle them when they are no longer of use! We always encourage reusing boxes - its a much more effective and environmentally friendly way of recycling!

The Top 5 Things That Go In A Pen & Pencil Box That Aren't Pens & Pencils

5. A6 Paper

It's not an A6 Box but it will hold A6 paper as used for flyers, leaflets and save the dates.

4. Make Up Supplies

Its secure and transparent and easy to clean which makes it ideal for make up supplies, and, its long enough to fit your brushes in too.

3. Lego

If you strive to keep your lego really well organised then these boxes are essential. You can keep sets or block types together and the box tops can be removed and flipped to be used as trays to work from. No more hunting for that 1'er! Phew.

2. Photos / Postcards

All those old 4 x 6 inch family photos can be neatly stored and protected in this box. Keep them organised, safe, dry and dust free.

1. Tool Shed Stuff

Tools like screwdrivers and spanners, or items like screws, nuts, bolts, washers, nails etc. that come in packs that once opened spill all over the place. Empty into a Pen & Pencil box and enjoy quick access to your tidy, organised, DIY vitals.

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