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Christmas Crafting!

sandra's craft blog Hi Crafters,

It has been a while since my last craft blog and I hope that you have all been crafting away. As winter is fast approaching; that can mean on one thing as far as we are concerned, CHRISTMAS.

Yes I know, time to get out all those glittery goodies you have been hiding away because they are JUST TO GOOD TO USE. I am sorry to say you will just have to give in, stop drooling over these lovely papers and glitzy things, BE BRAVE and dip into your treasured stuff and start creating.

 I have been going through all my papers; which have now become quite substantial, and gathered together all the stuff I needed to start on my Christmas Cards. First I needed to sort out the Christmas themed papers from the rest of my stuff. The next thing was to store them apart so not to mix them up again. I decided that the best way to do this was to get some of the A4 and 12x12 paper storage boxes in colours. I put the different papers into different coloured boxes so I could tell what’s in the box at a glance. Red and Green for the Christmas and Pink and Purple for the rest. I have even put anything for the Boys in the Blue box. Sorted!

I tuned in to Create and Craft on one Sunday morning; as you do, and found the programme was dedicated to quilting. Something which has always grabbed my attention but I have never had the confidence to dip in to. The presenter on the show had a lot of the attachments, needles etc in a box on the desk which when on closer examination realised was one of our Weston Boxes. The item she was using was our Crafty Tool Box. The box has lots of uses and can accommodate many small items in the 8 compartments set out in this A4 sized box. I myself have one with some of my sewing machine bits and bobbins in, and also one with embellishments, card candi, gems etc. They stack really well with the standard A4 storage box or if you are lucky enough to have an A4 Box Stak, they fit perfectly into these as well.

Well that’s all for now, I will leave you all to get those cards started. Maybe I will even try and post a few pictures when I have some made up. 

Thanks for reading!


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sandra - November 6, 2012

I am glad you find our boxes as useful as I do. As you say need more hours as the day flies by once you get crafting. Before you know, its midnight and the ironing is still sitting there.

Rosemarie - October 19, 2012

You are very advanced with Christmas cards, I keep thinking about it ….. I do have to agree that life is so much easier now I have all my lovely boxes, just need more hours in the day as well.

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