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Boxes For Regular & Poker Playing Card Sizes

Great Value Plastic Playing Card Boxes For Regular & Poker Playing Card Sizes

Internal dimensions - 95mm x 70mm x 15mm
UK manufactured. 100% recyclable polypropylene.

WestonBoxes Playing Card Boxes are available in 5 translucent colours or clear. All WestonBoxes are manufactured from Polypropylene - a recyclable material.

Pack Of
Unit Price
Pack Price
1 Playing Card Box
65p 78p £2.99
5 Playing Card Boxes
58p £3.48 £2.99
10 Playing Card Boxes
49p £5.88 £2.99
240 Playing Card Boxes
20p £57.60 £7.14
420 Playing Card Boxes
16p £80.64 £7.14
Select Pack Quantity At Checkout

Green Plastic Playing Cards Storage BoxBlue Plastic Playing Card Storage Box

Purple Plastic Playing Card Storage BoxPink Plastic Playing Cards Storage Box
Red Plastic Playing Cards Storage BoxesClear Transparent Plastic Playing Cards Box

For more information or to place 'trade' orders please call 01932 785 544 or email sales on
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