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How To Organise Crafts Supplies

How To Organise Craft Supplies

Are you an organised crafter? How do you organise all your tools, papers, embellishments, stickers etc. so that when the moment comes where you feel inspired to create something new and crafty, the process of unpacking your materials and finding your equipment and tools doesn’t take so long that by the time you have everything ready, you’ve lost the creative spark? Is there a way to quickly and efficiently organise all your supplies?

How to organise crafts supplies? Cost effective storage solutions!

The A4 Stak is a flat packing unit which will neatly store 5 of our A4 boxes. It really is very useful for us crafters as now the piles of A4 boxes that I have full of my craft supplies, can be slotted into this unit which makes them totally accessable. Lets face it, its always the box on the bottom of the pile which has the tool or paper that you need in it, well now the storage unit makes it possible to easily stowe and access your boxes and the bottom ones will just slide out as easily as the top.

How to organise crafts supplies? Specially designed storage boxes!

WestonBoxes have a range of plastic storage boxes for crafters. If you are a scrapbooking enthusiast we have boxes for your 12x12 paper and card, if you are a cardmaker, we have boxes for Peel Off Stickers and if you are a bead fan, we have boxes with compartments. We also sell CraftPacks consisting of an A4 box with either 17 small business card boxes inside or 9 small business card boxes and 4 deep ones.

We have all the boxes you need to organise your crafts space, available in many colours!


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