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Crafty Boxes

Crafty BoxesWestonBoxes have a selection of crafty boxes.

The Crafty Tool Box is a compartmentalised A4 size storage box with dividers moulded in to the base. The heavyweight design and deep lid make it ideal for storage of small crafty items such as beads, sequins etc.

The box can also serve, as its name implies, as a tool box. Paint brushes, pens and pencils can be stored, inks and paints can be mixed in it, and even items like nuts and bolts, spanners and screwdrivers will fit in it.

Although the top does not clip on, it does cover the base entirely making it unlikely that the lid will come off during transport of this box. 

Other craft storage boxes in our range include the Peel Off stickers storage box – designed to pack and store the peel off sticker sheets that card makers use. It’s a box slightly larger than our DL storage box although a lot shallower at only 35mm deep. It’s a great box to keep in your desk drawer as a way of storing your pens and pencils.

The 12x12 is another crafty box, perfect for storage of the expensive 12x12 paper used by scrapbooking enthusiasts. It is a shallower box than most in the Westons range at only 35mm deep, but is heavyweight , and will ensure your expensive craft papers do not get damaged or dirty.Available as a single item or in a colour mixpack of 5, this crafty box is a must have item for any organised scrapbooker.


About Weston Boxes

Weston boxes is a Brand Created by S.B.Weston Ltd. , a plastic injection moulding business offering a design and production service to clients. We also design, manufacture and distribute our own products. Our WestonBoxes have now sold over 50 million units. now supplies even more Crafty Boxes, specifically for printers, artists and crafters. Our new range of plastic poster tubes from A0 paper size down to A4 paper size, are perfect for storing large format prints or drawings. We also have a range of flat packing boxes suitable for many home office storage applications such as the Multi-Box Storage Unit.
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