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My First Blog Post!

sandras craft blog Well here goes. To all you crafters who are reading this, my first blog, I would like to say a very big thank you!

I hope that you will be somewhat forgiving as I attempt to say something; which I hope you will either find amusing or maybe even helpful.I have worked for S.B.Weston Ltd (WestonBoxes) for what seems to me to be most of my life (32 years come January to be exact) and during this time have got the BUG for making things crafty. My main passions being card making and cross stitch.
Over a number of years I have accumulated a stash of cross stitch and card magazines, kits, threads and a great deal of all things related to card making. Some of which I needed and a lot of which I just had to have.In 1999 Weston’s who had until then been purely a trade moulder, decided to manufacture a small box which was directed toward printers. This was for the purpose of packing business cards. Like most people I straight away saw that this box had many other uses including keeping some of my valuable threads and embellishments in.Over the last ten years the range of boxes has grown dramatically. “Talk about right time right workplace”. 

Naturally I have had the privilege of testing the uses of these boxes at home and BOY they have many. I now have all my card packed in the A4 and A5 boxes which stack really well together and I can see what’s inside. The peel off box speaks for itself but also is great for those small inkpads and Twinkling H2O paints. The scissors and paint brushes fit great in these too. A6/C6 are great for all those finished card you are making for Christmas. Speaking of which, must get on and finish mine.

I will be talking about our different box sizes over the coming months, posting ideas and suggestions for efficient ways to store your craft supplies using these great boxes so that you can get as organised as I feel I now am! If any of you have found uses for the boxes that you want to share then please feel free to leave a comment or an image on this blog post – show us what you are doing with them!

Bye for now!


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