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Boxes For Craft


The CraftPacks are a A4 sized plastic box containing smaller boxes for craft related items. These packs are ideal for artists, crafters or model makers working with any small items that need to be both securely stored and easily visible. Each small box comprises of a base and lid part and can be neatly packed away inside the larger A4 storage box when it’s time to tidy your art materials away. The boxes are available in a range of translucent colours so that the contents can be viewed without opening the CraftPack. 

 Our 18 Box Craft Packs

CraftyPack18 Box Craft PackColourful Craft Boxes18 Box Green Craft PackBlue Crafty PackClear Craft Pack

The small plastic boxes are perfect boxes for craft items such as sequins, buttons, coins, samples or model parts.

The outer case is simply an A4 storage box which can either be used to store the smaller boxes or, can be a useful storage box for crafts materials in its own right.  If you haven’t seen the Multi-Box Storage Units, then check that out too – it is a craft storage unit which holds 8 of these A4 storage boxes.

There are 2 types of CraftPack available, the 14 and 18 box set.

The 18 Box CraftPack is an A4 outer containing 4 deep embellishment boxes and 9 regular ones.

As an alternative to the 18 Box CraftPack, a 14 box version is also available. The difference is that instead of packing 17 small embellishment  boxes* in the A4, we pack 9 small embellishment boxes and 4 large embellishment boxes (double the depth of a small embellishment box.)

Our 14 Box Craft Packs

Red 14 box CraftpackCrafty Storageembellishment Storagegreen 14 Box CraftpackColourful Crafty Storageclear craft Storage

Both CraftPacks 14 & 18 box sets are the same price at £8.99.

*Embellishment boxes are business card boxes by another name. These boxes were designed for packaging business cards, but they are very useful little storage boxes for craft supplies too!

About Weston Boxes

Weston boxes is a Brand Created by S.B.Weston Ltd. , a plastic injection moulding business offering a design and production service to clients. We also design, manufacture and distribute our own products. Our WestonBoxes have now sold over 50 million units. WestonBoxes now supplies even more Boxes for Craft, specifically artists and crafters. Our new range of plastic poster tubes from A0 paper size down to A4 paper size, are perfect for storing large format prints or drawings. We also have a range of flat packing boxes suitable for many craft room storage applications such as the Home Office Storage Unit.
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