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Do You Have A Box That I Can Use To Store...

One of the things I get to do here at Westons is develop new products for the WestonBoxes range. Most of our products have been introduced due to customer demand. If we get enough people requesting a particular size then we will seriously conider it.

How A New Box Is Born

We use SolidWorks - a CAD computer program, to construct 3D models of new ideas. If we like a design enough we get it 3D printed. These 3D prints enable us to judge the products suitability and if we like what we have then we go ahead and get a mould produced. Once we have a mould we can run mouldings and thats when we can offer the new product to the world.

Have Your Say

Many of the products in our range exist because Reid and I have been to trade shows and spoken with customers who suggest new product ideas or have complained that there isn't a box for this or that. If we get enough of these requests thats when we start designing!

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