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  • westonboxes box staks craftroom storage ideas from @pumpkinladyiscrafting

    @pumpkinladyiscrafting & WestonBoxes

    weston_boxes Thanks @pumpkinladyiscrafting for sharing this pic of your fully loaded Box Staks! Good to see all 3 sizes A4, A5 and Pen & Pencil Box Staks being put to good use! 🤩👏Posted @withregram • @pumpkinladyiscrafting I’ve been sorting my craft stash !! This isn’t the...

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  • westonboxes a4 slim paper storage boxes pic by labelled with cricut labels & WestonBoxes

    Check out these A4 Slim boxes with super neat labelling by using Cricut labels. We like this!!! 👍. Thanks for posting the pic!Posted @withregram • Sadly satisfying#cricutlabels #vinylstorage #storagesolutions #westonboxes

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  • pinsandneedles_club sewing kit packed in a westonboxes a4 storage box

    @pinsandneedles_club Sewing Kit & WestonBoxes

    weston_boxes 👀Great pic from @pinsandneedles_club of their awesome sewing kit boxes. Everything neatly packed in an A4 Box.👍Thanks for sharing guys, hope the half term workshops have been a success!.Posted @withregram • @pinsandneedles_club Packing up lots of kit boxes to deliver in time for next week’s...

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  • pinsandneedles_club orange crab sewing kit packed in a westonboxes a4 storage box

    @pinsandneedles_club Crab Sewing Kit & WestonBoxes

    weston_boxes Great to see our A4 Box as part of these fun sewing kits from @vanaragsstudio. They look awesome! Thanks for posting guys! 😀Posted @withregram • @vanaragsstudio Tomorrow starts a fortnight of our Summer ☀️ Sewing 🧵 Workshops and we can’t wait!!! 😊We’ve put in...

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  • pinsandneedles_club mushroom sewing kit packed in a westonboxes a4 storage box

    @pinsandneedles_club Mushroom Sewing Kit & WestonBoxes

    pinsandneedles_club Packing up kit boxes for our sewing clubs with these cute little fun guys (get it?!) 😂We love that they fit perfectly in these brilliant @weston_boxes and still leave space for the scissors ✂️ needle 🪡 pins 📍 and thread! 🧵#sewing #pinsandneedles #imadethis #afterschoolclubs

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  • pinsandneedles_club kitty sewing kit packed in a westonboxes a4 storage box

    @pinsandneedles_club Kawaii Kitty Sewing Kit & WestonBoxes

    weston_boxes 👀 In case you missed them, check out these Kawaii Kitty sewing kits put together by @pinsandneedles_club into our pink A4 Boxes. Great stuff guys! Keep up the amazing work, we love what you’re doing! 😻🐾Posted @withregram • @pinsandneedles_club A whole litter of kawaii kitties...

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  • weston boxes 12x12 scrapbook storage boxes in a kallax ikea unit from @jennifer_cooper_designs

    @jennifer_cooper_designs & WestonBoxes

    weston_boxes Amazing organisational skills from Jennifer Cooper Designs 👏 Thanks for posting this brilliant pic of your immaculate crafting supplies in the 12x12 Box. Awesome stuff! 😎👍Posted @withregram • @jennifer_cooper_designs ‘Organisation is the key to a happy and successful life’ 🤣 Thank you Weston...

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  • business cards by @hobbyresort packed in westonboxes business card boxes

    @hobbyresort & WestonBoxes

    weston_boxes Thanks to our friends HobbyResort in the Netherlands for sharing pics of their business cards in both our 35 and 70mm deep business card boxes. Dank je wel! 👍🇬🇧🇳🇱Posted @withregram • @hobbyresort Helemaal happy met onze nieuwe visitekaartjes 💕 Dan komen die nieuw...

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  • @franscrafts felt supplies used for creative flower making in felt, stored in westonboxes

    @franscrafts & WestonBoxes

    weston_boxes Thanks @franscrafts for sharing this pic of your felt supplies organised into A4 and A5 Storage Boxes. Check out Frans brilliant felt flower bouquets and garlands on her Instagram profile and website Lovely stuff! Thanks for sharing Fran! 👏🤩Posted @withregram • @franscrafts Craft area...

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