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westonboxes a4 storage boxes in a craftroom by @unhurriedlearning

@unhurriedlearning & WestonBoxes

westonboxes a4 storage boxes in a craftroom by @unhurriedlearning


👀Thanks @unhurriedlearning for posting these awesome pix of your A4 Boxes labelled, organised and full of home learning resources. Great stuff! 👍😎👏

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These stacks of A4 boxes are probably the most helpful element of organising our home learning resources. A pre-packed ‘grab and go’ box, tailored to a focus topic.

I love organising things (yes, I’m one of ‘those people’ 😏) but I admit it has still been a challenge to get a grip of all the ideas and resources that are in my head and my home (sometimes even in my budget 😂).

It’s an ongoing process that will never be ‘done’, but I’m to share a few ideas of a things that have worked for us so far in terms of planning and organising in case it’s any use for anyone (I’ll highlight this in my profile). I benefit many a time from ideas other people share, so fair’s fair ☺️💞 hope it helps!


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