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Postproof packaging Boxes: Branded Sealing Tape Or Stickers


You will need to secure your box lid before you put your PostProof box through the post. Obviously you could use any tape available to you, but certainly to our trade buyers we would recommend custom branded tape or wrap-around stickers.


Custom Branded Tape

We can source this item for you at the low price of only £1.95 a roll (on an order of 36 rolls). This price is for a 1 colour (black) design printed on white tape. Applying your logo to the outside of the packaging is a very strong branding decision, and certainly gives the overall package a very professional appearance.

Custom Stickers

Another option for both sealing and applying your branding to the outside of your PostProof Box is with stickers. We can source wrap around stickers to which you can apply any artwork you wish. The stickers can be any size, transparent, foil etc. There is a minimum order of 250 units, so this option does only apply to customers buying large quantities of any size of box.

If you are interested in either of these options then do not hesitate to contact us - we would be glad to advise you.