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Colour Storage Boxes in Mixed Packs

colour boxes coloured boxes coloured plastic boxes

coloured storage boxes in mixed packs

Love colour boxes?

Our Colour Boxes Packs are the most cost effective way to buy mixed colour WestonBoxes.

All boxes sizes are available in Colour Packs. In a Colour Pack you get 5 boxes, one of each colour – Red, Blue, Purple, Pink and Green. Business Card Wallets are the only exception where it’s a 10 pack rather than a 5 pack and so you get 2 of each colour.

Colour boxes are translucent not opaque so you can see what you’ve put in them when they’re closed whilst still benefiting from the simplicity of organised colour coded stuff!
Each month we give away an A4 Colour Pack to one of our mailing list subscribers, but if you don’t feel lucky you can get one now from our website

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