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Craft Storage – The Crafty Tool Box

 craft storage box with dividersWe have started building the mould tool for our new craft storage product – The Crafty Tool Box!

This is an A4 sized box with dividers moulded into the base. The tray with dividers will be 55mm deep. A storage box with dividers is something we have been getting a lot of demand for, but the problem is everyone wants something different! The design that we are planning to run with is a ‘tool box’ type layout. Compartments for paint brushes / pens and pencils / smaller items are all present.

Another option we were considering was one specifically for bead collectors with equally sized square compartments for displaying and storing your beads. We’ve gone with the tool box option first as it seems more universally accepted.The Crafty Tool Box will fit in the Multi-Box Storage Unit for those of you with lots of things to store!We are taking wholesale pre-orders on this product and are offering a 10% discount during the pre-order phase.Alternatively the CTB will be available from as soon as we go into production.

The crafty tool box is now available here!
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