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NEW BOXES - A4 Slim Box

NEW BOXES - A4 Slim Box

Following the success of our A4 storage box, we are now introducing a new slim version.

The new WestonBoxes A4 Slim box will be ideal for protecting small quantities of A4 paper, and at only 25mm deep externally it will serve as a packaging box and only cost the price of a Royal Mail ‘Large letter’ to ship (weight dependent).

If you are a printer, regularly sending out small quantities of printed product through the post, this is the box for you. Impact resistant, simple and stylish the box will ensure your printed media reaches its destination in perfect condition and is well presented when received by your customer.

We refer to our TOUGH boxes as ‘Postproof’ because they can literally be stamped on without breaking – they will survive any postal experience.

The A4 Slim will be manufactured in both regular clear polypropylene and the impact resistant white TOUGH material so the same box serves as a both a storage/protection, and a packaging product depending on which version of the product you buy.

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