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Craft Containers

Looking for craft containers? WestonBoxes are a range of plastic containers specifically aimed at the arts and crafts market. The boxes are simple and lightweight, plus, they are transparent – a very useful feature when you’re storing lots of craft tools etc in one box.

A3 Paper Storage Box The containers vary in size from SRA3 – a paper size used in the print trade, down to business card sized. Many sizes in between are catered for – the company produce about 12 different boxes in general. They hold 5 translucent colours in stock, red/pink/purple/green and blue, which all look great and are guaranteed to brighten up any storage space.


Scrapbooking Storage 

If you’re looking for a craft container to store your expensive scrapbooking papers and card, then the 12x12 storage box is ideal. It’s a heavyweight plastic tray style box that will protect your paper from getting damaged and keep it free from dust and such.


Many craft containers or storage boxes are very expensive, but the WestonBoxes range are actually very reasonably priced, with bulk buy deals available from, the companies online store. Grab yourself a bargain craft container or two and get organised!

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